How to Draft Your Content for Your Website?

Here’s the thing, the only way you reached this space is because you have little or no knowledge about the framing of the content. Although there are many content marketing courses in Delhi NCR before you go and Google about that, we are here to let you know the basics of a great content piece.

 Here are some of our tried and tested steps for better traffic generation and a lower bounce rate with quality content. 

1.  You have to spin a web around for your reader

Your content must have the potential to bring the customers in large numbers. But, the question still remains, how do we do that? Here’s a tip… make your product the center of attention. Don’t go bragging about your company and your services, nobody likes reading that apart from your homepage.  You can mention your clients in the content but seriously, stay away from bragging about your company and how you managed to build the company from the rock bottom.

 2. Put your most important information first

NEWSFLASH:  Writing for the web and writing an essay are two completely different things and require different patterns and style to be written. The difference is. In an essay, you write about the stuff or topic you have planned to write about, its qualities and special mentions. But, when it comes to writing a blog or website content, you main and primary focus must be your product and the thing revolving that.

Not only this, your content should be crystal clear and mention everything and every quality of the topic you have started writing on.  The most important and center of attention topic must come first and then you drop down and write about its qualities and other headings that regard the product’s price or availability.

3. Don’t try to be over- clever or over- creative

Here’s something weird and irritating about the internet, not everyone shares your cynical sense of humor, some are sensitive and some require additional knowledge to understand what you have written further in your blog or piece of content.

Being over sarcastic about something can lead to misunderstanding and may cause disruptions to your audience. Being over-dramatic can cause multiple meanings to form and people might not take the blog with the impact it was written to put.

Be clear and specific with your writing, try to be funny but make that humor subtle and engaging. If you try to be over-funny, then you risk people drifting off from your page, which may cause a higher bounce rate and a lower reader interaction.

4. Use familiar words

Now, this part is fun. Writing something in accent always is.

Assume that you live in a big city, but your blog is targeted to people from another state who are living here for their jobs. Not only reading the blog about their home struck a chord with them, but it will also leave an impact that will last long and who knows if they tell their roommates or friends to read your blog. A fan following just by writing in an accent is not a bad idea.

5. Write for lazy people

The amount of laziness in people is skyrocketing and there’s nothing we can do about it. The things writers can do are amazing, not only can you guys save us from the misery and torture of Google ling hard words to understand what’s written in the blog, but you can make reading fun and recommendable.

Use easy words, lighter words that people know and talk about in their daily lives. Make friends with your reader via your content. This is a great way to let your readers kick back and relax and read your blog with full focus and not do a thing that annoys them.

Use shorter paragraphs, lighter words. Try to make shorter and more interesting sentences, don’t be a professional writer here, your audience is at home, not in a library. 

If you can, avoid passive voice and try to write in bullets when you can.

6. Make it easy for hunters to find you

People don’t want to hear about you and your struggles of how you build your company up, they want information in general or information about your product. Skip all the chit-chat and let your users know that you mean business and respect their time. 

Answer their questions in the comment section. Send them links to redirect them to another webpage for their questions. Discussing any key topic with your customer is a great idea and can only be achieved through writing.

The best Content Marketing Courses in Delhi NCR, can tell you much more and much more detailed than this blog.  Maybe because they have spent years and resources in this field and know how to bag customers with their writings.

Following the above steps, you can not only earn a potential customer but also make a pretty big fan following for yourself.