Digital Marketing Agencies Need To Work Smart, Not Hard

A digital marketing agency needs to step on only one podium and one podium only, “Don’t work hard, work smart.” The reason for not working hard in a digital marketing agency is because this industry is based on creativity and not sweat and labor. This needs more mind than muscles, more imagination than stamina and definitely more vision than being a philosopher.

The world has become digital and along with it, we have become someone binary too. The digital marketing platform is vast and effective in ways that are obvious and mysterious at the same time. But there are still some things not all digital marketing agencies understand, and are not fully aware about the power and effect of some crucial things, which are: –

  1. Get with the trends

No matter how your business is running, it can run a lot better if you upgrade it with the coming or running trends. People tend to follow what’s in the talks, and if you are able to master the technique of staying in between the lines of those trends, there’s nothing that can hurt your business.

A certain trend or “hashtag” will fetch you more traffic than you thought, and the best part is … the work is not hectic at all. Being in parallel with the trend will show your support towards that and may even build you a solid loyal fan base.

  1. Timing is everything

If you start a Janmashtmi campaign on Diwali, you obviously won’t get as much results as you hoped for. Maybe none, but that’s because your timing was way off and not because of your creativity. Although, this is a mistake people and agencies rarely do, but if it weren’t a case, it wouldn’t be here on this list.

Even a single day missed or misunderstood can cost you revenue or even drag you into a loss. That’s definitely not you were planning to do, right? Keep in mind to get your timing straight.

  1. Promoting your website

This is the most crucial and most ignored step. People tend to get clients and start working on the projects and forget about their own website. The reason why you get clients is because of the maintenance of your own website. You need to keep your blogs updated, your SEO optimized and your webpages properly aligned, and don’t be afraid to tell them to check your company’s website so that they can see what you can do. Popularize your own product first, go completely off the chains while doing it, never even grind your teeth on the fact that it may seem narcissistic or naïve, it seems professional and your clients dig it.

Video Marketing 
Now this, this is one of the most crucial things to take care of. It’s like the whole new generation of marketing, and it does cater to a whole other generation of audience.

Absolutely no one likes to read thousands of words on your website just filled with your own praises, even you won’t. This actually repels people in a rather permanent way and harms your image as well.

So, what do people like? Something that doesn’t bore them out of their wits? A VIDEO.

Videos change the whole perspective of your business and aids your digital marketing service,  rather than reading for 10 minutes, people can watch a 2 minute creative video and make up their mind. It saves their time and shows that you were willing to go further to show your creativity. This hooks up your customer. A video actually markets your brand the best.

Not only this, stats say that video marketing will make up 80% of the total marketing by 2019. A catchy video will gain you more customers than an old-school SEO technique will.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is still new to many people and India is accepting it slowly and carefully. AI brings out interactive content that amazes customers, fetches their attention. Using chat bots toengage people on your website will improve your SEO indirectly. This brings out the freshness in your site and engages your potential customer enough to give you his attention and undivided concentration. Tap into this domain and earn experience as soon as possible.

This technology is pretty young but it surely will make a big mark in the future.

Digital marketing is a tough route, most of the digital marketing agencies don’t survive here. The only reason companies go bankrupt is because of their inability to adapt and stay constant when there is newness introduced in the market.

Staying aware of what’s going around, being in touch with the market and learning new evolving techniques as soon as they are introduced is actually the recipe for success here.

Following these extremely important yet mostly ignored steps, you will definitely see a boost in your business and a better word of mouth in your Google reviews. It only takes a tad bit of polishing that makes us the best digital marketing agency.

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