All you need to know about the difference between guest posting and press release

Both Guest blogs and Press releases are great ways of conducting an SEO but they both have their pros and cons.

A press release and a guest blog are different and these are the spheres in which we can compare their differences: –

  • REACH: –

When you submit press release then you do it basically for the journalists and reporters who are looking for an interesting piece of news and then they take notice and present your press release to the public through their multiple channels.

Guest blogs on the other hand are written about general topics related to your products and services and include backlinks to. The main purpose of guest blogs is to get the customer interested in your product or service and finally to draw him to your website or landing page.


The target audience when you submit press release are journalists, reporters and media personals. It is for this class and profession of people that press releases are submitted and if they like the content and find it attractive then they endorse the content ad publish it on their various mediums.

On the other hand, the target audience of a guest blog are customers who are looking for information, products and services and thus the main aim is to draw the customer to the businesses landing page or website.

  • PURPOSE: –

The purpose of submitting a press release si to create awareness about the launch of a new product or service or of a launch of a new company or business. It is like a declaration that this brand has come into existence and this is the value they are offering.

The purpose of guest blogs is simply to attract customers and get them to reach your website through backlinks and business suggestions. Thus interested customers read your blog and then are tempted to visit your site for more useful information and also to buy the value which you are offering.


Both guest blogs and press releases have their own purposes and both of them are effective in their own way. They are both a great way of conducting an SEO and they deliver outstanding results.


The tone of a guest blog is conversational and it is like you are explaining something to somebody, in this case your customers. On the other hand the tone of a press release is more like a declaration about a company launch or a product launch and thus they both differ in their tone of communication.

  • CONTENT: –

In a guest blog you can include pictures, statistical graphs and videos while in a press release you have to strictly follow the given pattern.

Thus the scope of information you can share in a press release is limited while you can make your guest blog look attractive and informative.

  • FORMAT: –

A press release includes a title, a subhead, a quote, the body, and a boilerplate (a summary of the organization). This is the basic format of a press release and it is followed across the industry and media. If your press release is not in this format then there are very less chances that it will be noticed by journalists and media personal.

A Guest blog has a more casual and friendly tone and you can make it seem like you are having a conversation with your audience. Also the audience can post questions and also you can interact with the audience through the questions and answers.

Thus by using a combination of press release and guest blogging you can very well create a fantastic SEO campaign and make your brand and product launch an outstanding success.

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