8 Things People Needs To Know About Wikipedia

You might have heard of Wikipedia but do you know what it is? Maybe just a website for you or maybe an encyclopedia but it is not just that. It is one of the biggest encyclopediae in the world and the fifth most visited website all around the globe. People access to this website in the urge to get the required information. These facts might be known to you but here we have explained 8 things that you might not know about Wikipedia yet you should know about them.

1.  Anything can be edited on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a content-based website where people can contribute to anything and everything they want. People can make small or big edits in the content as they want and anything posted by others could also be edited.

2.  It is all about facts

Wikipedia does not want to make the considerations on delivering information that is based on opinions and thoughts. The information posted on Wikipedia is thus mainly based on facts and figures. Each of the facts is supported with a reference in order to make sure that the information is correct and accurate.

3.  There are professional for making Wikipedia page

From professional Wikipedia writers to the professional page creator people have adopted Wikipedia as a professional field. Due to strict guidelines and requirements, people at times are unable to make their page on Wikipedia. This made the field of professional Wikipedia experts to be created and people with detailed knowledge on Wikipedia can make pages for other people with their expertise.

4.  Wikipedia could be used for marketing and branding

Marketing and branding are based on making the best mediums to be used to give the target audience awareness about your product, service or organization. Although Wikipedia is not made for this purpose however people have started to use it for this purpose as well.

5.  Wikipedia has 301 different languages

Maybe you would have accessed Wikipedia in one language but that is not the only language that Wikipedia uses to publish its articles. Wikipedia publishes articles in 301 different languages. Due to access in different regions around the world, Wikipedia makes progressions on publishing articles in most of the languages. The selection of language is subjective to the choice of the page creator.

6.  Wikipedia was not for everyone in its initial phases

Wikipedia in its initial phases was not for everyone to publish articles or to create pages. The initial idea was to create articles by having professional writers on board for Wikipedia and anybody other than those writers won’t be allowed to make the articles to be published on the website. However, the idea didn’t work as good as it was expected and thus the website was made open for anybody to create a page or make the contributions to the information posted on the website.

7.  Wikipedia does not allow controversial content

Wikipedia being a fact-based website does not allow the content to be controversial. It has a strict policy against the controversial content and any controversies in the subject matter are not usually approved by Wikipedia. Thus, if someone has a controversy in their event or product or anything it might make them ineligible for the Wikipedia page.

8.  Your Wikipedia could be deleted even after being published

It is not assured at Wikipedia that getting the page to be published one will make your page to stay on the site for the rest of the time. On different occasions due to different reasons, Wikipedia deletes the content even after publishing it if they find that something is not according to the guidelines of Wikipedia.

These are some of the things that people should know about Wikipedia. It will make them able to understand how Wikipedia operates and how they could use it for their purposes.