6 Key Services of a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is defined as the marketing of products and services using digital channels. Digital media is used in reaching the target consumers. A digital marketing agency makes this happen thereby considered the marketing arm of the business. For one, digital marketing cannot be executed without an online presence that is evident in having a website or business pages on Facebook, for example.

With this in mind, what services does a digital marketing agency can offer you as either a startup or established business? Below are the answers.

1) Website design and development

A website is the most important thing for the digital marketing initiative to push through. An agency has development teams that can make your dream website come through. Usually, a team consists of front-end and back-end developers, UX designer, and graphic designer. They must be able to come up with a fully functional yet aesthetically appealing website that is true to your requirements.

2) Search engine optimization (SEO)

After the website development, as a business owner, you would want your website to appear in search engines for relevant terms. For example, if you are offering office furniture, your site should appear when the user searches for ‘computer tables for sale.’ A Digital Agency Cebu or Manila-based should be able to help you with this too. The agency must have SEO teams specializing in both off-page and on-page optimization.

3) Social media marketing (SMM)

Businesses cannot ignore Facebook and other social media sites’ impact. The target consumers are here, so should your business. This should start with setting up and verifying a business page. A digital agency can help boost brand awareness while building and enhancing relationships on a human level based on a brand-specific campaign.

4) Content marketing

Target consumers consume content as well. Hence, other than the promotional messages you share on your website and social pages, content must be used to convey a message. A digital marketing agency can assist you in strengthening your stories and getting them heard by the right people at the right time. This, without deviating from your brand’s voice and image.

5) App development

An application helps in performing specific tasks. For instance, Facebook is a web-based app used in socializing with other users. An application, nevertheless, can also be internal wherein only the employees or affiliates can use it. A digital agency could also have a team of app developers who can build an application from scratch, Android or iOS.

6) Online reputation management (ORM)

Corporate scandals may occur and tarnish your brand’s reputation. It may not be a scandal but as simple as Google penalizing your website or negative reviews that is a doing of a rival. When this happens, a digital agency should be able to help you recover through ORM. ORM is also called reverse SEO.

Digital agencies often promise a holistic take on digital marketing. These are the essential services that digital agencies must offer to its would-be client. These are the digital channels worth exploring whether your business is new or already-established.

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