Thinking of Marine Engineering? Have a look at the life of a Marine Engineering Officer

Marine engineers looks cool, right? We all see them and think what a superb life they have. Money, travel and all. Simply put the life of a marine engineer is glorious, they travel the world, proudly wear the officer’s tag, and make a hell lot of money. Certainly, there are a lot of amenities after one joins the merchant navy, but don’t let the job charm you, this is hard work and long hours. Even the slightest mistake is can create devastating impacts, so that adds pressure and brings adventure.

So, people are constantly confused about the actual work of a marine engineer. We all know they transport cargo from one country to another, so what actually they do on the ship? Well, let’s decipher this story Workstation:

On board a marine is entitled to work in the engine room. The engine room is situated below the deck area, so practically a marine engineer work underwater. The engine room is a tough choice of workplace for many, the temperature can spike up to 50 degree Celsius. Courtesy of machines like heat exchangers, fresh water generators, pumps, main engine etc. things which add up to this boiling heat. Just to withstand such heat is itself is a challenge, to think about working in such a place require the strength of an unimaginable level.

A typical Monday:

A typical day in a marine engineer’s life is divided into 6 watches of 4 hours each. These shifts involve the maintenance of the engine and other machinery and checking signs of overheating or any other problems. Today, the continuously growing technology had blessed these ships with automatic running modes. If there is any problem in the engine room an alarm in the chief engineer’s room goes off, if no response is gained then the 2nd engineer cabin is alerted about the problem.


The fifth engineer is supposed to work with the senior engineer during the watch. The senior engine is supposed to acquaint him with all the ship mechanics and acts as his mentor for training. The training period officially for a GME is accounted for 8 to 9 months.

Deck Department:

Deck department comprises of the officers responsible for on-deck affairs. Their work revolves around boarding, securing, and safe transfer of the cargo. They also, work in accommodations and secure ship’s lifesaving and firefighting equipment. An officer working on deck could be Chief mate or officer, second and third mate, ordinary and Able Seamen and Boatswains.

To work on a merchant navy ship, the candidate needs to join an international maritime institute, where he will acquire all the knowledge and skills to work on a merchant navy ship. The follows the aforementioned training period and then job in your particular field. However, just to get and admission in any merchant navy college is a gruesome task. On the basic of your 12th standard percentage and passing the IMU entrance exam will land you in your allotted college. Then again, a candidate must pass all the medical and fitness checkups before actually be employed somewhere.