The 10 Best Online Bachelor’s in Graphic Design Degree Programs

Graphic design degree is a very popular and versatile degree program that has many applications in the modern job market. One of the best things about this field of study is that it lends itself well to online study and distance learning. If you’re interested in learning more about online graphic design degrees, here are  top ten schools you should check out:

Liberty University

Our list begins with one of the best-known and most popular choices of schools for graphic design, Liberty University. This university is the top-ranked in the nation for its graphic design and other online and distance learning options.

Bellevue University

One of the most focused schools when it comes to following students through their education and into their successful careers, Bellevue University boasts flexibility and accreditation that rival schools from around the world.

California Baptist University

Perhaps a surprising addition to this list is one of the nation’s foremost religious colleges. CBU Online and Professional Studies offers an extensive catalogue of educational options – including online graphic design degree – all taught with a respectful eye toward the Christian faith.

Midway University

Another popular Christian college that offers a wide variety of courses and degree programs, Midway University of Midway, Kentucky brings your “old Kentucky home” to the world of online and distance learning.

Southern New Hampshire University

Many of today’s college students are non-traditional students, balancing work, family, and other obligations alongside their studies. Southern New Hampshire University caters to this, offering continuing educational opportunities that meet the needs of modern students.

Savannah College of Art and Design

Want to attend a college with a focus on the artistic side of graphic design? The Savannah College of Art and Design offers this, focusing on key aspects of the field to provide students with a thorough understanding of the subject.

Arizona State University Online

Arizona State University’s Polytechnic School is a great place to get your graphic design degree. With many opportunities for students both on campus and online through distance learning, the college is one of the best choices in the nation for those seeking a graphic design education.

Kentucky Wesleyan College

Students looking for a small, tight-knit community of peers and faculty are a perfect fit for the cozy environment at Kentucky Wesleyan College. This religious school offers the same feeling of community through its online and distance learning programs, complete with the support students need to succeed.

Berkeley College

Perhaps nowhere is a better backdrop for the graphic design scene than the setting of Berkeley College in New York, New York. Can’t attend classes on campus? Berkeley offers a wide range of online and distance learning courses for students of all studies and disciplines.

Pittsburg State University

Renowned within the field of education for the many opportunities the school provides students for enrichment beyond the traditional classroom, Pittsburg State University is a great choice for online or distance learning. With unequaled support, students will have exactly what they need to succeed in this encouraging educational environment.