Why Will You Make Investment for Pre-leased or Pre-rented Property?

Pre-rented property or pre-leased property is one of the most unique and different types of investments to the buyers of the properties. As a buyer of the pre-leased property, you can enjoy immense pleasure which is the best tried as well as a tested option for the investors. Generally, you as an Indian may have a trend to make savings from your earned money or income. You may believe in making savings to achieve a secured life and when you can make sufficient savings, you start to find out suitable option like Bank or Financial Company according to your budget for investment. Sometimes, you can make an investment for a pre-leased commercial property as a medium or large amount of investment and this pre-leased property investment is more secure than any other options.

Different verticals of pre-leased property

There are mainly six verticals of pre-leased property in Faridabad. These are:

·       Rented retail space or retail shops

·       Rented office space or a rented commercial property

·       Rented warehouses

·       Rented individual building or standalone buildings

·       Rented SCO (Shop Cum Office)

·       Pre-leased or pre-rented Bank or ATM space.

All of the above mentioned six verticals of pre-leased properties are specified with their own characteristics and there are specific kinds of buyers who will be interested to purchase these pre-leased properties. ROI (Return on Investment) of these pre-leased properties on sale can be varied between the ranges of 4% to 9% annually. The amount of ROI depends on the vertical of pre-leased property and the amount of investment. The different ROI of the different vertical are:

·       ROI of the commercial workplace is between the ranges of 5% to 8% annually.

·       ROI of the retail shops is between the ranges of 4% to 6%.

·       The Bank or ATM will provide ROI within the ranges 4% to 6%.

·       The warehouse will provide ROI within the ranges 7% to 9%.

·       The individual building will give ROI within the ranges 7% to 9%.

·       The SCO will offer ROI between the ranges of 4% to 6%.

Benefits of the pre-leased property

The pre-leased commercial property for sale in Faridabad has different types of benefits for which it is an attractive investment option to the investors. The benefits include:

·       As an owner of the pre-leased property, you will get a fixed monthly ROI according to your investment during the lock-in-period or till the tenure of the lease.

·       The pre-leased property will boost up the investment portfolio of the customers and it offers special and unique vertical on the basis of your investment and it will help you to increase your royalty as well as living style.

·       Before investing your money in the pre-leased property you will be allowed to see the tenants and their profiles. Your rental income is secured and fixed without any hazards like cheque bounce or fake commitments. So your investment is safe.

·       The pre-rented property provides the appreciation of property including good return according to your investment which will support your mental peace.

·       The pre-rented property will help you to repaythe monthly installment of loans and other purposes.

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