Why People Like Custom Popcorn Boxes With Prints?

Everyone likes to eat popcorn and snacks while watching movies at home, cinemas or at theatres.  Also, kids and elders enjoy popcorn in school and during get together in public places and homes. For snack bar owners and fast food restaurants who sell popcorns should get protective and colorful custom popcorn boxes to sell them with more appeal. The custom popcorn boxes are easy to carry and assemble; they usually have open top design and are sealed from the bottom. Popcorns inside popcorn boxes wholesale are hot and cannot be placed in bare hands, the material of the box is thick enough to prevent the heat to be felt in the bare hands. You can even add wire handle on the top of the box that will make it easy to carry and take away.

Popcorn boxes wholesale can be customized in any size, shape, and size according to the desire of the customer. According to the quantity of the popcorns you want to keep inside custom popcorn boxes, you can tailor them accordingly. Large popcorn boxes as well as small size popcorn boxes, you can select the dimensions as per liking. Talking about the design of the custom popcorn boxes, open top and closed top popcorn boxes are in trend nowadays. The foodies who eat the popcorns slowly can be given closed top popcorn boxes so that they can keep the box with them without contaminating the popcorns. They are also perfect to keep the snacks hot for a long time especially if you are taking them to cinemas, home and theatres. 

Custom Printed Popcorn Boxes for Brand Promotion

Custom popcorn boxes can also be printed with high-quality designs and images that will promote the brand and will reflect the high quality of the popcorn packaged inside. Uncooked popcorns that are sold in the retail stores can also be packed inside popcorn boxes wholesale. If you want to sell the popcorns in retail stores, these printed custom popcorn boxes can perfectly display your product and make them look prominent to the customers. You can opt for any finishing options to be printed on the box, matte, gloss, lamination, foiling, spot UV can all be added on your popcorn boxes wholesale. You can even add die cut window on the top panel of the packaging box to make it look unique and attractive to the customers.

Many shapes of custom popcorn boxes are used by the snack bars and restaurants to serve their popcorns stylishly. Rectangular boxes, as well as a cube and even gable boxes, are used to keep popcorns. Apart from promoting the brand, these boxes are accommodating and crave the customers when popcorns are placed inside them. You can easily fill it up instantly within no time as its open top feature provides convenience.

Go Custom Boxes- The Right Choice for Custom Boxes manufacturing

Get the best popcorn boxes wholesale from go custom boxes at the lowest prices. We are expert custom boxes manufacturer in the United States who provide a range of sizes for custom popcorn boxes. Whether it is large custom boxes or a smaller one, we have the equipment and expertise to provide you packaging and printing services exactly according to your demand. With so many customization options, you can create the best boxes designs and structure for the popcorn boxes. We will provide free design support to you and our designers will help in achieving the most suitable design for the custom popcorn boxes according to your requirement. Our quality assurance team makes sure that each box we manufacture is made exactly as per your specified dimension and printing design.

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