Why Does Your Digital Marketing Agency Need a CRM?

Running a digital marketing agency is a risk. But no one said running a digital agency is easy, right??

Basically, the agency is two parts; knowledge & experience (to run the business) and talent (to take it forward). The areas of knowledge and talent required for an agency today run a wide gamut: web coding, graphic designing, content writing, and video production are all found in modern digital marketing companies.

But growing your business goes beyond the core service or services you provide. It entails knowing how to build relationships, grow sales, and deliver projects. Scaling your marketing agency requires strategies, business processes, and technologies.

Included among these technologies is a cloud CRM software.

But why does your digital marketing agency need a CRM?

The study shows that 31% of all agencies do not use customer relationship management software to manage leads. And of those who manage their leads, 30% use spreadsheets instead of a CRM.

With a simple and easy-to-use CRM tool like Funnel CRM, agencies can unify their sales processes and gain actionable insights to make their entire sales operations easier and increase their selling proficiency.

Here’s exactly how a reliable CRM sales system can supercharge your sales force and help your agency grow.

·  Catch Leads While You Sleep

Did you know 25% of leads come from outside the working hours?

By pairing a contact form on your website with the intuitive Funnel CRM, you can capture leads even when you are asleep. And before you wake up the intelligent cloud CRM for small businesses automatically sort and label the incoming work inquiries as “New” deals and place them in your sales funnel. So you won’t have to do the boring stuff.

Most importantly, it will fast forward the sales cycle and allow your sales team to go into a pitch or proposal process at once. Since they know the prospect is the right fit and already understands the value your agency can deliver.

·  Identify Your Best Clients

With a cloud CRM is in place, it won’t be too hard for your sales team to find your best clients. By viewing the chronological history of interactions with each contact, your sales rep can see a lead’s journey to becoming a client.

Collecting and analyzing this information will aid him or her to identify the clients with whom they can establish long-term relationships and leave the ones aside who switched to another agency after one or two engagements.

·  Boost Your Sales Productivity

An easy-to-use cloud CRM that logs all your interactions, provides insights on the individual or company you are working with, automates tedious tasks like manual data entry, and integrates with the tools you already use, allow you to focus on selling instead of learning the tool.

This, in turn, will boost your sales force’s productivity and allow them to do what you want them to do—land new and profitable clients. Bearing this in mind, it’s important for digital marketing agencies to invest in a tool that adapts to their workflow and speed up the sales process without any formal training.