SMS shortcodes: old but still relevant for lead generation executives

We’re sure you know of those short five-digit numbers that TV shows ask you to SMS. These are called shortcodes. They are important for businesses as they allow the customers to enter SMS competitions, campaigns, and useful alert services. SMSes have sparsely been used in the last two years (hail WhatsApp), but there’s still a big chunk of the population that depend on these short text messages as they can be sent without an internet connection.

SMSes are still widely used by lead generators because of the above fact. They have an edge over traditional lead generation tools, especially the ones online, as SMSes create a framework for interested parties to initiate first contact with a lead generator.

A lead generation expert from Connecting All India (CAI) explains that each attribute/property is assigned an exclusive SMS shortcode. This token can be used by the business in advertisements, which invites people to send a specific keyword or phrase to the shortcode.

When a lead sends an SMS to the shortcode, they’ll be reverted in a very short time from an automated system. The reply includes important information pertaining to the business and the product, especially the personalized contact details. The SMSer also has his/her number and other details saved on a registry for future references. This is where the lead can be imported from.

Some organizations use area-specific registries that employ dedicated shortcodes for different services. It allows service providers to have their contact details listed on an automated directory. Customers can request the contact details of service providers in their area by sending an SMS to the automated directory. For example, if a prospect is looking for a tutor in Gurgaon, the SMS will probably read ‘Tutor Gurgaon’, sent to a shortcode that looks like 66666 or 25251.

SMS, an abbreviation of ‘Short Message Service’, is easy to use and quite resourceful. Backend systems can be created, tailored to the needs of the business. With a custom API, you don’t have to worry about manually organizing the leads, and generating reports off the incoming SMSes. 


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