Invest in fabulous Bath properties

A fabulous South Western city straddling the River Avon, Bath is on the fast track to becoming one of the prime real-estate locations in the UK. Being in commuting distance from London definitely helps, but its stunning architecture, World Heritage status (thanks to the Thermae Baths), and vivid cultural life really bring home the point. Whether you’re on the market for commercial property or, better yet, a spectacular Georgian-style house for sale, this is the place to buy.

The Roman heritage of the baths complements the Georgian architecture with its crescents, terraces, and narrow Victorian streets in a tasteful manner. To someone with an aesthetic sensibility, it is nothing short of a sensation to just stroll around and explore the various local buildings. Naturally, it is these Georgian and Regency townhouses that are the most sought after locations. Who wouldn’t want a hilltop mansion overlooking the entire city? If you’re looking to invest in Bath, look no further than Pritchard’s.

Surrounded by Nature Although the city itself is a stunning feat of architecture and design, the residents most commend the fact that Bath is surrounded by fresh air and countryside. Plenty of parks, fields, and hike trails make for the inviting outdoor lifestyle we all crave – particularly those who have had their fair share of an urban metropolis and are now ready to settle for something less stressful and chaotic. Dog owners love it here, as they can promenade with their furry friends anywhere they like.

The largest city in Somerset is enclosed by picturesque countryside villages. If you don’t mind living a bit further from the city centre, either Wiltshire or South Gloucestershire are ready to welcome you with an unrivalled rustic charm and friendly, tight-knit communities. Bradford on Avon, just East of Bath, has a few riveted properties and art galleries alongside boutique shops filled with craft and locally made goods. Market towns are all busy come the weekend, but they can’t help but be overshadowed by the warm communities of smaller villages where everyone knows everybody and solidarity is a way of life. A Travel Node Both by train and automobile, Bath is in close proximity to everywhere you might want to go around England.

Albeit the mainline service to London Paddington is around 90 minutes, development projects to reduce it by as much as 30% are well underway. With such times, you can get to London faster than most professionals living on the outskirts of the capital who need to cross it in order to get to work. Birmingham and Exeter are even closer than the capital, while the nearby Bristol Airport can easily take you anywhere you want within the country or outside of it. From the Bristol Temple Meads hub, which is no more than 15 minutes away from Bath, you’ll be able to take the railway to Cornwall, Scotland, Devon and anywhere else in England for a more affordable and less stressful journey than the motorway network. In addition, the fact that you can literally walk anywhere you want around Bath makes it preferable to a larger city that requires a car to get around. The latter is not only inconvenient and expensive but comfort that we need to be more frugal with if we want to lead healthier lives.