How does Retail-Ready Packaging (RRP) Benefit Businesses?

A ‘one-touch’ movement is promoted by the use of this secondary form of packaging. The items are branded in the process of retail packaging which then takes their places on retail shelves. It is a system that is designed to contain individually packaged products on its own rather than every worker unpacking and individually displaying the item.

Big box retailers such as Kroger and Walmart are at an advantage with retail-ready packaging because it eliminates workers that individually open every package and putting them on the rows and rows of the display. The corrugated case functions as a shipping case and a display piece when it comes to RRP when it is being packed by manufacturers or co-packers. The product flavour, count information, barcodes, lot codes, SKUs, and expiration dates are placed on display so that it is easily visible along with a packaging that is visually attractive to the customers.

What are the features of RRP?

1.) Brand and product information with the variety, count, and size are clearly identified.

2.) Extra jobs like cutting and slicing are prevented as the packages are smooth and can tear away easily.

3.) Individual items are not supposed to be unpacked separately.

4.) Stocking cases and shelves that are too deep make these items easy to replenish.

5.) A ‘one-touch’ movement is required to keep on the shelves.

6.) It can be effortlessly disposed of.

Benefits of RRP

It is a common notion of suppliers that retail-ready packaging comes at the cost of doing business, but a new door of strategic opportunities increase with this process. RRP has been explicitly designed to be an easy performing activity from the beginning, i.e. manufacturing till the customer selects the product which is an ultimate victory for supply chains.

1. Improved Sales

The product that has undergone RRP can be easily selected by the customer when the product is placed on the shelf. The awareness of your brand is increased because advancement in technology and printing processes enable easy printing on corrugated sheets. The brand becomes displayed on a large scale and positively affects the customer.

2. Competitive Edge Over Others

It has been observed that several retailers are obtaining good results with the use of RRP due to the benefits to the bottom line. Consumer Packaged Goods suppliers are looking for ‘trading partner friendly’ versions of packing and have addressed the issues with RRP, which is why retailers enjoy doing business with them. There is also a rapid increase in the number of supermarkets and hypermarkets which are a new opportunity to increase brand awareness.

3. The Environmental Footprint is Smaller

There is a reduction in the material used for packing which helps not only in reducing costs but also benefits the environment. Environment-friendly packing becomes a marketing strategy for most as it leads to a better brand image and profitability. The packing materials reduce and huge chunks of traditional packing materials can be laid off.

Thus, the use of RRP is environmentally effective and helps in increasing the image of the brand.

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