How Customer Service can boost your business in 2019?

The year 2019 is on the door and your business requires some outstanding approach to survive in this viciously competitive world. With every company in each sector now aiming to throw out the competition by making the best product or delivering top-notch service standards, it takes an extra special effort to make your brand shine exclusively in the clutter.

No doubt, customers hold the whip in the business sector today. They decide which company to choose and they are the ultimate makers and breakers of any business’s fate. The mantra to success in the 21st century is to make sure your customers are happy, which may sound quite easy but it isn’t.

Stats tell us that 58% of the customers agree to pay extra bucks for a superior service standard. But the real question is, what is great customer service? Is it just resolving customers’ queries or to be present for them in the time of need?

We have hence, rounded up a few crucial aspects that can justify the real meaning of great customer service accordingly.

Making customers wait is a big NO

While most of the people talk about a lot of customer service metrics such as FCR, turnaround time, no. of calls answered, etc, the Paramountcy of wait time should never be overlooked.

First of all, if a customer is calling you it means there is a void that he/she expects to fill with your support. And in that time of curiosity, agitation, and desperacy, if you are making your customers wait on hold or to pick up the call, you are near to losing them.

Big brands, especially the ones that have customers’ loyalty always ensure to reduce the hold time and response time to a minimum. The equation is pretty simple; if you offer prompt service to your customers, the amount of trust they would have your brand will increase exponentially. On the contrary, if you would just let your customers wait in the time of distress, you are asking for trouble.

90% of the customers reportedly prefer the business that let them wait for 10 seconds or less. This is one of the greatest indicators of first-string customer service.

Walking an extra mile

You are polite, you are knowledgeable, and you are updated about customers’ preferences and still, your customers are switching to your competitors? Why? What is great customer service then?

You have to understand one thing. The product or the service you are offering needs to be highly unique or you have to be the first mover in your industry to secure an apex position in the market. Otherwise, it all comes down to eluding your customers towards your brand by offering them something that no one does. And that is? Unparalleled customer support.

For an instance, if you own a hotel business and a customer has booked a reservation for Christmas. Your customer support agents should reach out to the customer, extract the information about him/her, and prepare a proper pick and drop service making an irresistible impression. Further, if the occasion for the arrival is like honeymoon or something, you can always offer some valuable add-ons to the couple adding icing on the cake.

When you show love, respect, and extra care for your customers, your business’s future is quite secure. Customers always remember the brands that put in the extra than usual efforts for them.

Transparency and availability

There are two aspects. First of all, it is important in this digital world era you are offering 100% transparency to your customers. No customer would like to stay or associate with a brand that is too skeptical in their approach. Around 60% of the customers reportedly take a step back from a business because they aren’t sure about the transaction process on the web. This shows how important it is to keep things on the table in front of your customers.

The second factor that can make your business come on top in 2019 and would make your customer support astonishingly is to be present when they require you most. A lot of companies are today offering the facility of self-service, which is quite modern in terms of approach. Still, not all the customers are tech-savvy and thus face issues, especially on the e-commerce sites.

So, having live chat sort facilities provide your brand with a competitive edge in the industry. This not only increases the trust of customers on your business but also reduced the issues like increasing cart abandonment rate splendidly. Similar to this, offering your customers multichannel support provides a spectacular experience to your customers.