7 Best Practices to Create Efficient Hiring Process for Any Company


Looking for the best candidate for the position to fill in? Hiring process is the solution. For Human Resources (HR) department, they are responsible for recruiting the candidates that will fulfill the work position in the company. 

Hiring process is an important part of any organization and there’s no “right” procedure in doing it. It always depends on various aspects. Taking the time to organize the hiring process is beneficial to the company in terms of growth and also making the working environment efficient for old and new hires.

The question is how HR will attract the best talent in town? How to make the hiring efficiently and consistently?

Below are the best practices that HR should do in hiring process:

  • Modify your own hiring process

In recruitment process, there’s no one way to carry out all the hiring procedures. There are different roles and position within the organization; hence the hiring process also differs. Different sets of candidates and qualifications, so different hiring processes are required to fit each of them. It would be a problem if these different sets of candidates will go through the same pipeline and may cause of hiring unfit applicant.

For example, if you’re looking for database administrator for the IT department of the company, you will need different skills compared to the qualification you’re looking for a graphic designer.

Customizing the hiring process is beneficial in looking for qualified applicants. Always understand your ideal candidates in terms of the following metrics:

• Professional experience

• Hobbies

• Organization they belong to

• Life skills

These insights will help the HR to attract candidates who truly match the profile. If you a customized process to hire them, you’d be able to hire the perfect candidate to the job.

  • Choose the best place to find qualified candidate

Start tracking the sources for finding the talents you need – job search directories, social media, and online job boards. Before posting, understand what will work with your business and the value of paying listings. Find out which among the job sources provide the most applicant volume as well the position type and location.

  • Form Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Before you begin with the hiring process, you should create KPI’s in measuring and evaluating the success of recruitment. Most of the time, recruitment process involves measurement and the metrics are as follows:

• Time to Fill (TTF)

• Cost Per Hire (CPH),

• Source and Quality of Hire (QOH)

Human Resources managers should continue in evaluating the KPIs to ensure that they are aligned with business and economic changes.

  • Assess applicants and credentials thoroughly

Hiring the right candidate for a certain position starts with the proper profiling. If the candidate adheres with the job description, you start reviewing the resumes, cover letters, and more. As HR, you should have a list of the characteristics of the most qualified job applicant for a certain work post.

To know who the most qualified applicants for the job are, screen the list of skills, experience, and characteristics. You should focus your hiring process energy with the your most qualified candidates.

  • Evaluate the references comprehensively

Human Resources also check and speak with the applicants’ references during the during the hiring and recruitment process. HR solutions involve listening to the content of interview and to the reference’s tone of voice. If HR concluded that the reference doesn’t sound enthusiastic about the candidate, then it says a lot about the candidate.

Moreover, the HR can also call a reference not listed in the paper. It may be a person from candidate’s most recent employment. Most of the time, the listed reference will say something positive about the applicant – they can be a friend or family member.

  • Monitor the performance your job posting

A lot of job hunters are using Google to search possible job openings. However, most of them stay only in the first page of Google results before they navigate away. So, your company and HR recruitment should follow Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) practices to make sure that your job postings will appear on Google’s first page.

To monitor if your job posting is gaining attraction, you should use applicant tracking system and you would know the total number of job seeker views. It will give you an idea how effective is your SEO and SEM tactics. It will also help to know if you need to change the techniques.

  • Create eye-catching and unique job posting

Do you want to attract a great number of candidates? Prepare job postings that will surely stand out among the others. These days, you will encounter sea of job postings and it’s hard to compete. Job portals and online job boards are now easily accessible from any devices like mobile and laptop. When creating job postings, a strong HR support is needed and should use the following details:

• A catchy job description

• Attractive videos to get more attention to the listing

• If possible, put a humorous satire in the job description

• Jokes are also acceptable to make people smile, letting them click APPLY button easily

• Create a unique job posting as unique as possible. This is also a way of marketing the company in a distinctive way as possible.