5 Tech skills your business can’t live without

To stay relevant in your industry, your staff should master the skills behind this year’s hottest technology innovation.

But hey, it’s important to strive for innovation and make your business evolve amidst technological advances – not just once a year. That aside, there is value in using the year’s starting quarter to reevaluate your present skill sets and assess the areas where your departments can improve, grow, or learn.

Technology is the one area that no industry can afford to grow complacent about. It changes so quickly that the skills and tools you mastered and applied last year may already be outdated. In our rapidly evolving industry, the actual information decay rate is at 30 percent per year. This is according to Research in Labor Economics, making approximately a third of last year’s tech-related skills irrelevant.

But never worry, there’s an easy solution. Staying updated with emerging technologies and trends, even the skills required to master them – will help you be on top of the fast pace of skill disruption and keep you on track and ahead of the curve. You need continuous learning to maintain an ongoing edge over your competition.

Here’s the technology you need to equip your business/yourself/your staff with.

1. Cloud Computing.

Techradar predicted that 2015 would be the year that the cloud becomes a staple technology for small, medium and bigger companies. The reasons is that by utilizing cloud technology costs can be reduced as much as 90 percent with the digitization of data and information-intensive processes. With that, you also need to apply the right VPN solutions for your business, as it will spell whether you stay on top of your business or go with the flow – and you know what they say about dead fishes – they just go with the flow.

2. Coding.

Coding is virtually the most sought-after skill in the world today. Although coding and computer science are not much in consideration in the K-12 education program, it’s clear that coding has become as important as other types of literacy like science, reading, or math. You can start with Code School, where you can watch interactive learn-to-code challenges, or Hour of Code, which offers free coding tutorial – what’s best? It’s available in over 30 languages.

3. Data Visualization.

Data just keeps on multiplying, what’s with hundreds of specialization and topics in the world right now, we are flooded with tons of raw information that drives us to madness. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a web expert or a developer to create engaging infographics. There are free tools where you can use to enhance your data presentation.

4. UX Design.

UX is simply a strategy to enhance the end user’s ease of use. This applies to many systems, particularly to the website and app design. Here’s a no-nonsense animation video from UXMastery to get you started in UX design.

5. Mobile.

Let’s put it this way, if you don’t utilize a mobile strategy, you might as well say that you don’t have a future strategy. Unless you’re living under a rock, the world has gone mobile with many centrally coordinated apps involved in more and more business areas. Take a look at this beginner-level course to learn more about mobile technology.

6. Don’t get left out!

These five business technologies are reshaping the business world, and if you’re a business yourself, then you can’t afford NOT to have them.

Author Bio:- Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a Travel app development company, having a team of best app developers who delivers best Travel app solutions mainly on Android and iOS platform. She regularly contributes her knowledge on the blogging sites.

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