3 Tips To Improve Your Custom Lotion Boxes

Lotions are some of the most popular cosmetic items in the retail market. Skincare lotions are used by most people and are contained in containers of different shapes, sizes, and materials. To compete well in the ever so intense and competitive cosmetic retail market, you will need the highest quality Custom Lotion Boxes for your products. These boxes will need to function well and look great at the same time. Some expected functionalities from these high-quality lotion packaging boxes always are:

  • High-quality materials for maximum protection
  • Beautiful printed designs for maximum attraction
  • Accurate sizes, shapes, and designs for boxes
  • Custom flat-shipped boxes for compact storage

When you are trying to get the best packaging for your lotion products, researching your options is always the best option. As long as your boxes provide the above-mentioned requirements and also take care of any custom ones, they should be good to go. Here are few of the very best ways that can make your lotion packaging stand out from the rest on shelves:

1: Custom Die Cut Designs

One of the most significant features of any modern lotion packaging is its feature designs. Gone are the days when regular square boxes used to rock in the cosmetic world. Today, people are looking for truly unique designs to tempt them into buying certain products.

This presents a unique opportunity for lotion manufacturers to shape and design their packaging boxes accordingly. If you can get sharp-edged or even smooth but unique designs for your lotion packaging, your packaging standard will increase manifolds. The idea behind this is to produce attractive packaging boxes that can satisfy all quality standards at the same time.

For the actual fact, you need to experiment with your boxes shapes and designs. Going unique doesn’t mean you create something that doesn’t suit your types of products. There is a delicate balance between unique and suitable packaging boxes. You should find that and design your attractive boxes accordingly.

2: Beautiful Printing and Brand Marketing

Printing is one of the major features for any retail based packaging boxes. Custom boxes for lotion packaging is no different in this regard. This is where you make your packaging boxes as attractive as possible. Printing is also used for many different purposes. Creating attractive designs is one and then another is to offer brand advertisement with efficient logo printing. Some attractive printing finish options that can make your boxes attractive are:

  • Metallic luxury finish gold/silver foil stamping
  • Custom embossing or debossing for a precise finish
  • Beautiful raised ink printing for a unique look and feel
  • High contrast bright color prints for logos and designs

You need to find just the right kinds of designs for your types of packaging boxes when looking to make them beautiful and unique. Color combinations will go a long way in making your boxes attractive and improving their outlook. Contrasting printing colors to the base of your boxes will make a bold statement.

3: Custom Flat-Shipped Lotion Boxes

Another neat feature that will improve your packaging for lotion products is their ability to be shipped flat and ready for assembly. Flat shipped boxes can be so much storage-friendly than already assembled ones.

Your packaging providers should be able to custom design your boxes in a way that they are easy to assemble offering full functionality even with their flat shipping style. These will need proper die-cut designs and accurate folds for their sides and lids.