Top Accessories for 4-way Drive SUVs

Driving an SUV is fun, but a 4-way drive SUV can make your trips more enjoyable. With more engine power and tire grip for offroading, it is best if an SUV is filled with comfort and adventure. To make your trips more comfortable, you can install additional accessories on your vehicles.

There are plenty of aftermarket accessories available, but it is not possible for vehicle owners to have them all. Therefore, it becomes essential to select only useful accessories that you need to make your vehicle safe and comfortable. Check out the top accessories for four-way drive SUVs that you can get to make your trips more enjoyable.

Jump Starter Kit

When people go on long trips, sometimes the battery of their vehicle goes down due to some reason. In such cases, it becomes difficult to start the car in the absence of an alternate source of current. A jump starter kit enables you to start the vehicle without the need for a new battery. It provides sufficient that your ignition system needs to start your car.

Inflator deflator kit

The tire pressure can increase or decrease depending on the condition of tires, climatic as well as road conditions during your trip. It is essential to maintain right tire pressure at all times for safety and fuel efficiency. An inflator deflator kit is a device that helps you to increase or decrease the air in your tires.

Traction Mats

While going offroading SUV’s have to deal with a lot of hurdles like wet mud, stones, and dirt. Sometimes the vehicle tires get stick in the mud, and it becomes difficult to take out your tire from the hole. Traction mats are made of high friction material that can take your tires out from a hole within seconds. You need to place the mats below your tires in the hole and accelerate a little, and your tires will come out quickly.

Life hammer

Sometimes vehicles get stuck in accidents or situations where the doors get automatically locked, or space is not enough to open them. In such circumstances, people need a break the glass of windows to come out of the vehicle. A life hammer is a small device that you can use to break the glass of a car window to get out of the car. The device comes in handy in stressful situations, when you need to come out of difficult situations.

Hi-Lift jack

Car owners should have an extra tire in your car while you go for long trips. In the case of tire punctures, you can change the tire and continue your journey. A standard jack is good in the city, but if you prefer offroading, you should get a hi-lift jack that can raise your car to more height, if required.

Heads up Display

Most people use GPS on their cell phones or infotainment screen while driving their cars. However, a cellphone whether held in hand or installed on a phone holder requires you to see away from the road to see into it. Taking your eyes off the road is risky in the city and especially on the long routes as the speed is usually high. A heads up display device allows you to see the GPS on a transparent screen on your windshield. You can also receive calls, control the music, and read the messages on a heads up display.

Fire extinguisher

Most people don’t keep a fire extinguisher in their car as they never think of it. However, a fire extinguisher comes in handy in the situations of fire. It can be used to save lives in the incidents of fires. Whether you drive in the city or go on long routes, you should have a fire extinguisher in your car.

First aid kit

Although every vehicle has a first aid kit, the medicines expire after a few years. It is best to get a new first aid kit with additional medications and accessories for trips. If you prefer camping and hiking, you should buy a camping first aid kit.

Rooftop Tent

If you like camping, you should take a rooftop tent in your car, especially if you are using an ISUZU type vehicle. A rooftop tent covers your vehicle in addition to offering you shelter and protection from wind and rain. It is large enough to cover an SUV. It is essential to carry a rooftop tent if you have a vehicle with UTE tray like the custom UTE trays Toowoomba to cover your SUV in the night. It can save the luggage kept on UTE tray from dew and rain.

Final Words

These are some of the best accessories for 4WD cars and SUVs. Installing them on your SUV can make your trips more safe and comfortable. Moreover, these accessories can help passengers in troublesome situations and continue their journey with ease and convenience. Car owners should have these accessories to save time and effort on their trips.