Seat Car Covers – How Do I Get Them to Fit Right?

People tell me all the time how they want to get new covers for their seats, but are afraid they will not fit correctly. Well there is a pretty simple fix to this. See most people that want covers for their car, whether it’s for protection, keeping the resale value of their vehicle as high as possible or just to give their vehicle that personal touch. They usually think about going to a store and buying the covers for their car. This is the first mistake people make when buying seat covers for their vehicle. When you go to a parts house or department store – you are only going to get a standard size that will only fit standard size seats correctly. These standard sizes may actually fit your seats, but will usually droop in places or have holes for different equipment that you may or may not have on your vehicle. The material they are made of will usually not hold up either.

Let’s talk about the materials that make a good or bad protective car cover. Seat car covers are made from many different materials, so you need to know as much about these materials as possible so you can make the right decision. Let’s take a looks at these and a few good and bad points for each. Polyester and cotton blend – These materials will provide protection, but for how long and how well will they look after a year of use? These seat car covers will usually start to get picks and holes rubbed in them within a 12 month period. The only bad thing about leather is they are usually very expensive. Sheepskin leather – Sheepskin has some very unusual properties. Because of the density of the fleece they are actually cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Let’s discuss the cost involved in some of these materials. Just remember you usually pay for what you get. There is an exception for this. I would steer clear of the polyester and cotton blends because I hate having to replace them when they get worn out and this is definitely not a cheap way to go. Leather and sheepskin are both great, but for me the price of regular leather is just a little high. Some people are scared of sheepskin because they think they would be very hot in the summer, but nothing could be further from the truth. Let’s look now at the cost of some of these materials.

Polyester and cotton blend. These are the cheapest covers you can buy. Normally you can get a set for your front seats for under $100.00. These do have downside though. You will want to replace them within a year because of wear and tear. So in the long run these would actually end up being pretty costly. Regular cowhide leather will cost around $600.00 – $800.00 and up for a pair for your front seats. These will last for years and have all the properties of regular leather seats that come from the factory. So in the end you actually get a dual layer of protection. The cost is relatively cheap anywhere from $150.00 and up. Now let’s talk about how to get them to fit correctly. First unless you are a great seamstress you cannot get store bought seat car covers to fit most seats correctly. So this leaves your with the question. In the end the answer is at your fingertips. There are many specialty shops that make seat car covers for vehicles and do their sales over the Internet.

Because of competition and less overhead they can usually offer great competitive prices that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. You simply send them your vehicle information and the color you want and they do the rest. Just make sure they have a warranty so in the unlikely event something is wrong with them you can send them back without any problems. Here is how you would go about finding a on line dealer. Pick out the material you would like to have your seat car covers made from and do a search for them. Example – sheepskin seat car covers. There should be quite a few dealers to pick from. Make sure you pick a website that specializes mostly in seat car covers. This is important because you need them to know more about seat car covers than anything else. Now these sites may sell other products but their main products should be seat covers. Most places have patterns for just about any vehicle you can throw at them. Many times they will already have them made up. Be careful of a site if it is fully automated where you just pick out the covers yourself with a lot of drop down menus, because this just leaves too much room for errors. There are just too many shapes and types of seats to be able to use drop down menus and get it right. Always use a site that lets you give them all your vehicle information so they can get the proper fitment for your vehicle the first time.

Car Covers and Car Seat Covers

Covering car covers and car seat covers are specially made protective coverings, created for your vehicle according to its model, make and year of manufacture. Manufactured strictly according to specifications available from the automakers. Covering covers are made from specially ordered fabrics directly indented from reputed mills, known for their quality products and so are quite durable and pleasing to the eye. Covering custom car and seat covers are increasingly used by vehicle owners to replace factory installed covers that have either been ruined beyond repair or needs to be covered up on account of distasteful staining. Coverings covers protect your vehicle from most elemental hazards that includes intense summer heat and accompanying ultra violet radiation that damages the superb finish of the vehicle and fades the beauty of interiors. Covering’s covers are preferred by people who like to have a personalized look in their vehicle interior.

Covering’s car covers and seat covers also shield the vehicle from acidic bird droppings and tree saps that are difficult to remove. Designed and cut through state-of-the-art technology and CAD/CAM designed process of manufacturing, Covering’s car covers and seat covers are made from a wide range of materials, starting from velour to expensive original lambskin. Most Covering’s covers are made of ‘breathable’ type of material that allows tiny droplets of water and heat trapped under the cover during precipitation to come into contact with the outside air and get vaporized, thus leaving the car free of moisture and rust. Covering’s this unique quality us stand out among other brand of car covers usually available in the market. Others charge extra for supplying arm, rests and headrests etc, The Covering’s delivery package contains all, including detailed instructions for installation. Quality Certified of TS16949 and QS-9000, the company has been specially permitted to use the prestigious GM logo on all car covers and seat covers for all General Motors vehicles.

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