Important things to consider while buying SUV

SUVs, in other words, sports utility vehicles, are slowly but surely overtaking the sedan market in terms of sales. Whereas people preferred to buy sedans in the 1990s, their preferences have changed with the launch of new and much more affordable SUVs in the 21st century market. This could be for a number of reasons.

To start with, the world’s population is growing at an alarming rate. Thus, the demand for cars with more seats available is rising at the same time. In countries with a soaring population, such as India, the bestselling cars seem to be SUVs such as Renault’s Duster and Tata’s Harrier.

Another reason for the high demand of SUVs is surely the safety each model provides. If you have an accident while driving a sedan you are at more risk of a fatal attack. However, SUVs are much more firmly built than sedans. And this allows not only for your safety but also the security of your passengers.

But just like any other product, you should not blind-buy an SUV. There are some factors you need to consider before purchasing such a high-in-demand vehicle. Firstly, you should determine whether the SUV you’re purchasing is a two-wheel-drive (2WD), four-wheel-drive (4WD), or all-wheel-drive (AWD)? The former allows just for the front wheels or back wheels to steer the car. The 4WD option, however, allows for the driver to choose between utilizing only two wheels or all the wheels. The AWD is overall superior to both of the previous two options, especially for roads which are badly conditioned, as it has more power and handling over these types of paths.

The second-most important aspect is undoubtedly how much fuel the car consumes over a certain distance. In other words, the mileage of the car. This factor is also related to which country you are currently residing in as you can compare petrol costs with the type of vehicle you are eager to buy.

The third thing to look for is the safety factor which was mentioned earlier. Make sure to check if all airbags are fully functional and that they are placed in the high-impact parts of the car. Then comes another point which is also related to safety, and that is whether or not the car has parking sensors. Nowadays, with such a variety of automobiles on the roads and not to mention the amount of pedestrians, it’s best not to omit front and rear parking sensors as you could avoid any collision because of their presence.

Comfort and relaxation are the next points to look out for. Is there enough leg room in the car? Modern technology allows for the option of cruise control, and on long drives, this makes for an essential feature to have in an SUV.

If you’re looking for a high-quality and durable SUV, then look no further than the brand of sports utility vehicles on offer from one of the world’s most reliable car companies, Peugeot. Aptly named SUV, these cars are equipped with the latest mechanics, such as Park Assist and Active City Brake. There’s also Grip Control and with five driving modes, there’s no SUV on the market with such a variety of features.

These three are the latest models that Peugeot has on sale: the 2008 SUV, the 3008 SUV, and the 5008 SUV. Each of them satisfies the criteria for including the essential SUV features, as well as more, in terms of advanced technology. The 5008 SUV is a seven-seater with removable seats in three rows.

A 200-year old company, Peugeot has been in the game for a long time. And in a country like Saudi Arabia, where the terrain is usually dust-filled and rocky, an SUV from Peugeot is a must-have, and with the kind of high-tech SUVs that they have on offer, you would not need to look elsewhere for a better buy.  

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