8 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a First Car

The purchase of a new car is a very joyful and responsible event. If you want to buy a new vehicle, then its choice should be approached with the utmost seriousness. It is very important to choose a car that will satisfy all your needs.

When buying a first car, almost everyone can make a mistake. That’s why we collect 8 main mistakes to avoid for a newbie who wants to buy their first car.

8 Mistakes To Avoid

1. Wrong car

You have some expectations for your future car. For example, you want to go on picnics with friends every weekend. Or you want a small car, only for yourself and your other half. But reality makes its own adjustments. It is not so important if you can change the car at any time. But such opportunities are rather an exception.

When you choose a model, imagine that it was with you for many years, or use the car lease services to try different possible options and choose the most suitable for you.

2. Uneconomical car

If you do not have driving experience, then it will be hard for you to imagine how much money actually goes on fuel. Fuel prices are not encouraging and are unlikely to delight in the near future. The cost of gasoline when buying an uneconomical car can be unsettling, especially if you actively use the car.

The same applies to the cost of spare parts. Car repair will be inevitable. Before you buy a car, see how much you have to spend on standard repairs. Visit forums where the owners of the brand you are interested in share their experiences. You can learn there about the problem areas of that specific car.

3. Unexpected repairs

“Buy used! Why do you need a new one right away? ”- such advice is often given to beginners.

Of course, used cars are cheaper. And it’s not so scary to scratch it, for example. But even experienced drivers can’t determine if everything is normal in a used car. For this, you need to be an experienced mechanic.

Hidden defects can be very expensive. Car malfunctions can cost not only money but also health. So, if you decide to choose a used car, get it inspected by a mechanic. Even if his services cost some money, you will save more in the long run.

4. Buy worse

“Buy something worse: it’s not a pity to break, and you will learn to drive!” – this is generally the number one advice from experienced drivers.

And now think, why you buy a car? To break it or to drive it?

Newbies feel uncomfortable behind the wheel. If you put them to drive a “dead” car, it will be only worse. You create additional difficulties and risks for yourself. Better to buy a cheaper, but a more reliable car.

5. Hopes for future profit

Cars are expensive, but this does not mean that the investment in the car will pay off (we are not about business now, but about private cars). This is the wrong argument. At resale, any car loses value only because of the change of ownership. So the car is not an investment. Minimize costs and buy a safe and reliable vehicle.

6. Purchase without negotiating

If you look for a used car, then note that bargaining is possible and necessary. Sellers are ready to drop the price. To achieve this, you need to carefully inspect the car and ask questions about its condition. Attentive and experienced buyer can greatly lower the asking price.

7. Cars for showing off

Before you choose a car, think about what are you going to do with it. A car must be reliable, without problems, deliver you to a destination and accommodate things that you usually carry with you. Cars have the ability to be upgraded, but basic functions cannot be expanded.

8. Car loan directly in the salon

So, you are standing in front of a car, and then the dealer says that you can buy it right now on special conditions. Just sign a loan agreement.

Here you need to make a volitional effort not to sign it. Read carefully what conditions are offered to you. Often, loans in the salons are unprofitable, given under a large percentage. Better study the offers of different banks in advance and find the best option.

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