The Market Of Woodcrafts In India

The wood crafts have been in practice for a long time in India. Kings have their palaces decorated by antique wooden crafts.

Wood consumption is rapidly growing in India and if the same situation continues it will become a very serious matter of concern. The Indian wood furniture industry generates a turnover of around 3,500 crores yearly.

Wooden craft the industry is a major source of income for many artists and carpenters who are doing the same thing from generations. These are the people who have a great knowledge of different types of woods and are expert in their jobs.


1.   Poor artists could make some money: The poor craftsmen who are engaged in only this business and have to make living out of it are dependent on their sales of crafts. They do a lot of hard work in making the wooden crafts and by buying them we are motivating and encouraging them to continue. They usually are very talented people but just like big companies are taking away all the profits from the small entrepreneurs, the same is happening to them. So remember in your next visit to buy wood crafts purchase it from small craftsmen.

2.   Looks antique and beautiful: Wooden crafts have a very rich and antique vibe to them. You can decorate your home from these crafts and they look very expensive but they are not. Wood crafts can fit into any theme of your house and will go with every color on your wall. It makes your home look like you have put some many efforts to decorate it while you have not. It is always a great idea to keep some wooden decorative pieces on your dining table or center table.


1.   Promotes Deforestation: In this era of climate change, it becomes our responsibility to take care of our environment. Wooden crafts are made up of wood and for this, we need to cut the trees. It is not a problem if we cut and plant the same amount of trees. But still cutting a lot of trees will definitely affect our mother earth. It is not more dangerous than the plastic industry, choose one you should surely go with the wood crafts.

We all know that deforestation is a major cause of increasing pollution, global warming, and many more things.

India has a wide variety of wood crafts available in almost every state but if you are looking for the best then you should definitely check out Dilli Haat in Delhi and Baapu Bazar in Jaipur. Wood crafts are very popular in the most northern part of India.

There are different types of woods needed and some of them are mentioned below:

  1.    Bamboo
  2.    Cedar
  3.    Oak
  4.    Pine
  5.    Redwood
  6.    Ash
  7.    Birch
  8.    Cherry
  9.    Maple

and many more types of woods. The different kinds of wood have different characteristics and are chosen on the basis of craft to be made.

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