What are the Uses and Advantages of Bamboo?

Introduction to Bamboo

Bamboo, being eco-friendly, is one of the most used materials by man for their comfort. In the era of plastic and steel, bamboo is securing its remarkable place and continuing its contribution to various products to the world. 


Bamboo has multiple uses. It is mainly used in furniture and crafts. Besides, these uses, it is also used in construction. Nowadays, bamboo shades are getting a piece of attraction in commercial places especially in hotels, lodges, and restaurants.

Bamboo can be combined with other building materials such as cement, wood, clay, lime, etc. according to their relative efficiency and used as a construction material.

The interior designers Nagpur, nowadays, focus a lot on buying the more products in bamboo from the furniture wholesaler Nagpur to add a new aesthetic look to the living spaces.

Characteristics of bamboo

The following characteristics make bamboo a convenient and economical construction material.

1.      It acts as a natural control barrier and effective erosion control because of its widespread root system

2.      Prevents massive soil erosion

3.      Bamboo immensely sustains riverbanks

4.      It becomes protective for the surrounding environment for its height, especially during typhoon

5.      It reduces the water pollution due to its high nitrogen consumption

6.      Generates more oxygen up to 35% and minimizes carbon dioxide gases

7.      It growing speed is maximum and can grow up to 35 inches in a day

8.      It does not require any additional attention for its growth

9.      It has little waste and no bark to eliminate

Advantages of bamboo

Bamboo is extensively used for craft, decorative materials, furniture, and constructing homes and buildings. For its eco-friendly nature, mostly prefer making the collection of bamboo home decor products to enhance the beauty of their living space.

1.      Being light in the weight, it allows lowering the weight of the construction

2.      It is resistant to axial forces because of its external fibers

3.      Its rapid growth quality has allowed the wholesale furniture suppliers to design the carious and large stocks of commercial office furniture which are widely used in any corner of the globe.

4.      It purifies the water absorbing the nitrogen

5.      It is a renewable and sustainable resources

6.      Bamboo is widely used for reforestation plant

7.      It minimizes carbon dioxide

8.      It effectively conserves the soil and avoids the mobilization of the earth

9.      Its high density of growth per area proves the productivity of the land and a considerable biomass

10.   Its shoots are the common food for large part of the world

11.   Fabrics made from bamboo are much softer compare to cotton. It gives the feel of the texture similar to silk

12.   The fabrics made of bamboo have dual properties. It keeps one cool in summer and gives a warm feeling in winter.

13.   The bamboos are drought tolerant. It requires almost no care to prosper.

Uses of bamboos

It has wide uses because of its eco-friendly nature.

1. It is used for constructing building roads. The strength of bamboo is capable of supporting trucks that weigh as much as 16 tons

2. It is used for medicinal purposes. Ingredients from black bamboo shoots are used in treating kidney diseases. The water from the Culm (the side branches) is used for treating bone diseases

3. The fertility in cows is enhanced with its use

4.      Being eco-friendly it is extensively used in constructing school, buildings, and houses

5.      Vastly used in making clothes. It is also used to make babies diapers and towels

6.      Bamboo shoots are widely used by Asians as food. The bamboo skin is used as natural food preservatives. The antioxidant properties of the bamboo skin prevent bacterial growth.

7.      Being cost effective source and eco-friendly, it is widely seen used as scaffoldings. The bamboo wholesale suppliers stocks various sizes of bamboo especially used in making different styles scaffoldings.

8.      The utensils made of bamboo are durable and rich in look.

9.      Furniture made from bamboo is lightweight and durable. Nowadays, the companies prefer commercial office furniture made of bamboo due to its durability and its aesthetic look in the place.

10.   Fat content is extremely low in bamboo shoots and therefore it is of best use by the health-conscious and dieting people

11.   The cellulose content of the bamboo shoots stimulates appetite

12.   It helps in lowering the blood cholesterol as it has high fiber content, almost no calories

13.   Bamboo shoots contain phytosterols and a high amount of fiber that can qualify as natural medicines

14.   Bamboo shoots are rich in nutrition. The shoots have a high level of amino acid, carbohydrates, minerals, and several other vitamins.


It is essential to promote a bamboo plantation as it shows great possibilities for success in many categories. Being the drought tolerant, it posses the important reason for its vast and regular growth. 

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